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Rethinking LEGO Organization: Why Sorting by Type Triumphs Over Color

Unleashing the Potential of Your LEGO Collection

Hello, LEGO enthusiasts and fellow organizers! As a professional organizer, I've spent countless hours helping clients declutter and systematize their spaces. And when it comes to LEGO, there's a common but unpopular opinion I stand by: sorting LEGO pieces by type is far more practical than sorting by color.

The Functional Edge of Type-Based Sorting

Easier Identification: When you sort LEGO pieces by type, you instantly make it easier to find what you need. Picture yourself searching for a specific piece in a sea of similarly colored bricks. Now, imagine that same search in a bin where all pieces share a shape or function. The difference is stark!

Enhanced Building Efficiency: For avid builders, time is of the essence. Sorting by type streamlines your building process. You'll spend less time rummaging and more time bringing your imaginative creations to life.

Boosting Creativity: Color-based sorting can inadvertently limit your creative flow. When pieces are organized by type, you're more likely to experiment with different colors, leading to more unique and vibrant builds.

Micro Organizing for Small Children

For families with young children, micro organizing LEGO can be a game-changer. Not only does it teach children about categorization and organization from a young age, but it also makes the play experience more enjoyable and less overwhelming.

Simple Categories: Start with broad categories like 'blocks', 'wheels', 'people', and 'small pieces'. This simplification helps children understand where to find and return pieces.

Visual Labels: Use pictures or icons on storage bins to help non-readers identify where each type of piece belongs.

Safety Considerations: Separating small, easily ingestible pieces from larger ones is crucial for households with toddlers.

Embracing the Unpopular Opinion

It's time to challenge the norm and embrace the functional benefits of type-based LEGO sorting. Not only does it make building more enjoyable for adults, but it also introduces a valuable organizational skill to children.

Join the Organizational Revolution!

Are you ready to transform your LEGO experience? Try sorting your collection by type and see the difference for yourself. Let me know what you think!

Happy Building and Organizing!

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