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A Closet Discovery: Unveiling Hidden Treasures in a Home Office

Last week, I had the pleasure of working with a new client who sought assistance with organizing her home office. From the outset, everything seemed impeccably arranged—until we delved into the depths of her closet. It was here that we uncovered a treasure trove of forgotten items and unutilized space, leading to some unexpected revelations.

As we sifted through the contents of the closet, the first discovery was of gym equipment that had been misplaced and forgotten. This was swiftly followed by work bags that were showing signs of wear and tear, no longer fit for use. Tucked away in the corner, we found vision boards from previous years—each a snapshot of past aspirations and goals, now gathering dust.

The most significant find, however, was a brand-new serenity fountain still in its box, perched on the top shelf. Despite having purchased it with the intention of creating a tranquil workspace, my client had never found the time to set it up. That changed during our session. Together, we unpacked the fountain and found the perfect spot for it in her office. The sound of flowing water now fills the room, transforming her workspace into a haven of peace.

This experience serves as a powerful reminder of the importance of regularly reevaluating our spaces. Often, we keep items that we no longer need, want, or use. Sometimes, it's not about the lack of space but rather about how we utilize the space we have. It might even take an external perspective—like that from a professional organizer—to truly see what’s hiding on our shelves.

For anyone feeling overwhelmed by clutter or unsure where to begin, consider this: start small. Look at one shelf, one drawer, or one corner. Ask yourself:

  • Do I need this?

  • Do I want this?

  • Does it belong here or somewhere else?

Sometimes, all it takes is a fresh pair of eyes to help you rediscover and rejuvenate your space. Don’t hesitate to seek help if needed—your very own serenity might just be sitting on a shelf, waiting to be set free.

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